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Vintage denim tells a story. The more faded and distressed the denim the better the story.  Shopping for vintage denim can seem like a challenge if you’re not sure of what to look for. Use these tips and you’ll be a vintage denim aficionado in no time.

Wash – The fade and color of vintage denim is the best quality of vintage denim. This is one of the first things that I look for. The fade is something that has been perfected over years of wear. A lot of today’s designer denim tries to mimic the look of vintage denim – but it’s nearly impossible to replicate. Don’t limit yourself to a pair of pants. Great vintage denim comes in different forms: jackets, tops and skirts. You can apply  the same principles when shopping for these denim items as well.

Size Up – One thing you have to get over if you’re going to wear vintage denim is sizing. Get over the fact that you’re going to have to size up. The sizing of vintage denim is smaller than contemporary denim. To ensure that you get the perfect fit try on your vintage denim. Its difficult finding contemporary denim that fits. It’s likely that you’ll have to try several pairs until you find the perfect pair. And again, do not obsess over the number on tag of the denim you have your eyes on.  It’s just a number and you’re perfect at any size!

Unique Characteristics –  When I shop vintage denim I look for unique characteristics, whether it be stitching, labeling or buttons. It adds a unique quality to the denim; which we don’t always see in denim today.

Know Brands – The gold standard for vintage denim is Levi’s 501. They have maintained their trademark classic fit over the years. Levi’s have perfected the art of crafting great denim.  Additionally, they are universally flattering. Wrangler and Lee are also great options.

Where to buy eBay, Etsy and vintage shops.

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