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Meet Photographer – Jay Lamour

Jay Lamour 2

One of the perks of being a style blogger has been having the opportunity to meet industry people.  Along the way, I’ve come to learn that photographers are some of the most interesting people. Local Boston photographer Jay Lamour is known for his big personality and obvious love for his craft; which puts him in a league of his own. I had the chance to interview Jay and learn about his passion for photography and his inspirations.

CB: What sparked your interest in photography?

JL: My love for photography started with just that – love. Every image we see expresses a level of emotion which comes back to the most basic one of camaraderie, connection and essentially a love of oneness with our environment and being. Photography is a part of me because it is like I’m sharing my world for all to see.

When I got into photography, I started on an endeavor to keep a history of myself to show my future self the evidence of my love to my community, my team, my family.
CB: What’s your biggest inspiration?

JL: My biggest inspiration for every image I create, click, innovate, is community. A photographer’s road can be a lonely journey with many pitfalls. Some photographers gravitate to compromising integrity. Some photographers lose their personal signature to “make it”! The community that you take pictures of should be the community that supports you.

-Esha Gupta said it best, “You need a strong family because at the end, they will love you and support you unconditionally.

My life consists of a support from the fashion community. We are a bit dysfunctional, but who are we to judge?

Jay Lamour 1

CB: What makes a fashion photograph great?

A fashion photograph must convey a topic, a message, and always, an emotion. The clarity, composition, and details only can take you only so far. It is your signature on each image which matters and makes things great.

CB: How engaged do you become if you notice your model is having a difficult time connecting with the camera? What kind of direction would you give them to help them along the way?

JL: This question is fairly loaded. If the model is in an amateur role, discussions will be had until the desired image is achieved. A professional model does not share that luxury. I am a pretty hands on type of individual with everything I do but if I am paying, I expect near perfection within reason.

Jay Lamour 3

CB: How much equipment do you usually take with you to a shoot?

JL: Equipment can vary depending on the event. A skilled photographer can usually make it by using one camera, one-off camera flash, and one lens. I tend to carry two cameras two flashes – and you guessed it, two lenses because I like to set one camera to a particular room and then alternate to another room. Unless there are lighting issues this is what you will most likely find me with and my handy-dandy light meter. It lets me know in an instant what kind of issues I will have in a room in regards to lighting.
CB: What’s one piece of equipment that you can’t work without?

JL: I have seen photographers complete work with broken cameras, broken lights, and even the lack of a proper location. Without ingenuity, resourcefulness, and some good old-fashioned determination. My answer to this question is my brain. Wisdom can answer the unthinkable questions that life can set in your path.

Jay Lamour 4

CB: What’s unique about your work?

JL: It comes from the heart. My service is customer based meaning, satisfaction is a factor in my photography.

CB: What’s one important thing that prospective clients should know about you?

JL: The thing that I wish that all prospective clients know about me is that photography is not only a profession which allows me to support myself; but it’s a profession which I love. So all in all if you wish to contract one of the better photographers in Boston, please feel free to email me at

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