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Makuwa SwimWear Boston Fashion Week Show


Boston Fashion Week has come and gone in what feels like a blink of an eye. Once dubbed the least fashionable city in the US – Boston Fashion Week has peaked the interest of the industry locally and internationally, proving that Boston has a lot to offer to the fashion community. Each year during fashion week designers are tasked with using this platform to flex their design skills.

I attended the Makuwa SwimWear fashion show at Liquid Art House. Makuwa SwimWear is the brainchild of Francine Makuwa. Makuwa who is from the Congo of Africa, was influenced by the women in her family as she used to observe them as they crocheted. After coming to the US, she picked up crocheting. Soon after, she created her crochet swimwear known for its bold and elaborate detail, in addition to vivacious colors.


The instant I walked into the luxe venue, I picked up on the high energy of the fashion show goers. The grand chandelier displayed above the main bar, eclectic art work and open concept design made for the perfect venue and an opportunity for people watching. Behind the scenes it was bustling with models, hair and makeup artists preparing for the show. The models were decorated from head to toe. You could tell that there was a great amount of meticulous planning that went into these looks. The models were adorn with bouffant natural hair, glamorous makeup and other various accoutrements. That being said the swimwear still remained the focal point.


Makuwa SwimWear proves there is diversity in swimwear and not all swimwear is created equally. There is true artistry, inventiveness and technique that goes into these designs. The bevy of beautiful models turned heads as they walked slowly and deliberately down the runway. Each swimsuit looked as though it was constructed with the model’s body in mind. The models had a resounding sense of confidence wearing the swimwear; which is what all women want to feel when we wear swimwear. In fact, this caused me to take a momentary vacation in my head, as I imagined myself wearing the pieces somewhere at an exotic beach locale.


The show closed giving us the opportunity to see the talented Makuwa as she humbly took to the runway and was applauded for her collection.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the show, you can view Makuwa Swimwear’s online catalog.


Photo Credit:  Jay Lamour






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