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How to Make Friends: Wear Cute Shoes


This is the scene, you are out solo at an event and do not know anyone there. You want to be social and make friends with other women, but you’re a little intimidated to put yourself out there. What do you do? I’ve always found the best way to make friends is by wearing cute shoes. A pair of fabulous shoes are captivating and can spark conversation. Someone is bound to approach you and want to know all the details about your shoes.

Cute shoes can be the gateway to building new friendships. Most women gravitate towards other women who are confident and present their best selves. If I notice a woman with cute shoes, it makes me think that woman has great style. It makes me want to get to know her.

Initially, it starts out with spotting the cute shoes and paying a compliment to the cute shoe owner. Paying someone a compliment is the easiest way to engage in conversation and build comradery. If you are the cute shoe owner, you proudly tell your shoe admirer where you purchased your shoes from and perhaps that you scored them for a steal. This is a proud moment, it feels as though you’re being informative by spreading your savvy shopping skills with someone.

Right off the bat, you observe that you have a common interest with your new acquaintance (cute shoes) and a bond has been formed. The conversation organically progresses to where you’re getting to know more about the person you just met. It really is that simple!

Maybe you won’t be besties or even end up seeing each other again, but you ended up meeting someone new and not hanging out in the corner by yourself the whole evening. Don’t ever underestimate the power of cute shoes. They’ve been helping women forge new friendships since -forever.

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Top: J.Crew  (similar here)| Paperbag Pants: Boohoo | Shoes: Shoedazzle (similar here) | Necklace: Kendra Scott

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