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Defining and Maintaining Your Style


Defining one’s style is hard. Fashion is ever-changing and keeping up with the latest trends can be daunting. Maintaining your style can prove to be an even bigger challenge.  Here are some simple tips to lead you down the path to your style greatness and how to sustain your style after all the hard work you put into developing it.

Find Your Style Spirit Animal
Influencers are powerful because they are able to inspire others. This does not mean you should try to mimic your favorite influencers. My first rule when it comes to style is that you have to stay true to yourself. Admiring influencers/ celebrities for their sense of style is totally acceptable – but the thing to remember is to draw inspiration from their fashion choices, rather than totally ripping off their look. Pinterest is great for so many reasons. The most obvious reason is because it’s a source for collecting inspiration. Pin photos of looks that inspire you. Ask yourself what aspects you like about these looks. Are there any similarities to your own personal style? How can you incorporate this particular aesthetic into your style repertoire? There is usually a recurring theme or similarity in these photos; which should aid you in this process.

Assess and Reassess

Assess the current state of your wardrobe to where you want to be based on your image goals. This will likely entail editing your wardrobe. Part of what blocks your ability to focus on streamlining your wardrobe, is the clutter of the old and unused items taking up space in your closet. Every season I try to cleanse my closet and throw out items that I no longer have use for (except for shoes – I love all my shoes!). A common theme that I have noticed when people hoard clothing it’s usually due to sentimental value attached to an article of clothing or being in between sizes and working to get to your goal weight/size. I’m guilty of both! These items should be packed away somewhere for safekeeping. Every few months, you can reassess whether these items still have value to and ultimately whether you will continue to hold on to them. It is important to remove them from your current wardrobe, so that you can have a clear view of what you need to help create the wardrobe of your dreams. Once you are able to assess your current wardrobe, some things to note are: Is there is a predominant color or pattern? Do you have more casual attire compared to dressier pieces? Repetition in your wardrobe is not bad as long as these pieces look great on you. This could also be the formula to your ‘uniform”. This isn’t your grade school uniform; this is a simple wardrobe formula – your go-to look. I have one and you probably do too – unbeknownst to you. Read more about creating your outfit formula here.

Create a Lookbook 

When you create a great look take a photo of it. This is something that most of us have a habit of doing, but instead of posting it on social media for everyone to see – create your very own style lookbook. This will help you maintain your newly defined style in addition to helping you cut down on the time it takes to get dressed. Having a lack of time is a common reason for people not investing in their style. This will also help to give you a different perspective of how things look on you; which will help you to fine tune your style.

Signature Style Staples

In the process of defining your style you may stumble across your signature style staple. This is that one thing that everyone becomes familiar with when they think of your style. Think back to when you were assessing your wardrobe and the trends you observed. These trends can become a part of your signature style staple. Your signature style isn’t exclusive to just clothing. It can be lipstick, shoes or a hairstyle. My hair (shocker) and shoes (no surprise here) are a part of my signature style staples. They are imbedded in my style and typically I do not forgo them; because they are a part of me.

Defining your style is a process, therefore you are not expected to make any dramatic changes overnight. If you start to doubt the process along the way and get stressed out – just remember to trust your instincts. Wear what makes you feel good.

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Dress: Macys (out of stock; similar  here) | Socks: Berkshire Legs | Shoes: ShoeDazzle (similar here and here)

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