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When my husband saw me after I finished getting dressed he told me that I looked a smidge “little house on the prairie-ish. I couldn’t get mad at him because it was kind of funny, I know he wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings and I kind of agreed with him. This did not make me second guess my outfit choice or feel less confident in my look. However, it did make me think of how there are so many varying opinions when it comes to style (just like anything else).

Just because people may not see your vision when it comes to your style, does that mean that you are less stylish than you had originally thought? Does this make you rethink your approach when it comes to your style?

My answer is a big N-O. Each day that I get dressed I always try to stay true to my style. My style is something that I hold sacred. It’s my identity. I will not let others define me. Nor should you.

The key to not letting others impact your decisions is to not treat someone else’s criticism as a fact. It’s not; it’s just their opinion. They’re entitled to it (even if they should keep it to themselves). Also, don’t  overthink it. When you start to second guess yourself that is when you begin to analyze and over analyze what the person has said and that’s when the self-doubt creeps in. Doubt will stymie your growth – and no one has time for that.

Always remember that style is subjective. No one really has the final say as to what is stylish or not. So, wear what you love and block out the negativity.

IMG_8539 IMG_8540 IMG_8542 IMG_8543



Top: SheIn

Skirt: Target (similar here)

Booties: Carlos by Carlos Santana

Bag: Bloomingdales (vintage / similar here )


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