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Whether I’m going to work or to the grocery store, I try to make sure that I don’t look like a hot mess. It’s not because I’m afraid of running into someone I know. Nor is it because I’m self-conscious or conceited. I hate it when I am getting ready and somebody says to me “Who do you have to impress?” – because I’m putting in the extra effort for myself. I always try to look my best, because it helps me feel my best. While society puts a lot of pressure on a woman’s appearances and it’s believed that certain judgements are made when you meet a person based on their appearance. This  post is not about that. This is about working towards being the best version of yourself and how feeling confident in your appearance can help you achieve that.

The power of a cute dress, cool shoes, putting on a little mascara or taking an extra 10 mins to style your hair in a way you’ve always wanted to try are underestimated. Doing things to help you feel good about yourself can do wonders for your psyche. When I feel my best, I project confidence and those around me pickup on that energy. A person who appears happy and confident is far more appealing rather than someone lacking confidence. Confidence is magnetic and allows you to be yourself unabashedly and to receive all the goodness that the universe has to offer. You relinquish negativity and allow yourself to follow an exalted path.

There are a ton of obstacles that may prevent you from looking your best. Whether you do not have the time, do not know where to start, or simply do not see it as a priority, those are all valid reasons. There are so many things that we have to do on a day-to-day basis that making sure you’re wearing a nice outfit doesn’t rank as a high priority. We’re employees, entrepreneurs, students, mothers and wives. All of these titles come with a lot of responsibilities and sometimes you can get lost in being everything to everyone else. The thought of putting extra effort into yourself doesn’t seem feasible or seems downright exhausting.

You can work towards establishing a routine or taking steps to help you feel your best. Most mornings I wake up early and workout, have tea or coffee, take a 5 mins or so to thoughtfully pick out an outfit (That is if I haven’t done this the evening before. Picking out an outfit the night before will help you save time in the AM to put towards something else that will help prepare you for the day and have a huge value adding impact on your day) do my hair and my makeup. I hate feeling rushed or feeling like I don’t have enough time to prepare for the day. Waking up early is key. When I’m getting ready I like to play music in the background; which always has a way of boasting my mood. By the end of this routine I’m in a happy head space and feeling myself. Then, after seeing myself in the mirror, the pride I feel changes my posture and my stride. Taking that extra time to look my best makes me feel prepared for the day and ready to take on anything.

On the days when you have this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to do anything and you’re in a bad mood, it’s most important to take the time to make an effort to look your best. Too often we give into negative feelings that can keep up down for an entire day or even longer- and who wants to feel like that?? Also remember that the concept of looking your best is subjective. The key is looking like the best version of yourself (for yourself) and not someone else’s idea of what the best version of yourself is.

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