Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!


Hey all! It’s the most exciting time of the year- Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! If you are a card holder you can shop the sale starting today. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next Friday. Don’t be bummed- there will still be loads of great deals.

Before adding anything in my shopping cart, I keep in mind a few things to keep me on track from buying all the cute shoes and dresses my little heart desires. I am going to share those tips with you because sharing is caring.

Make a List- How many times have you purchased a piece without a plan or real understanding of how to wear it? I’ve done this countless times until I started to keep an ongoing list of the items that I need to help build my wardrobe. This is in the same concept of being prepared with a grocery list whenever you go grocery shopping to prevent buying you from buying all the stuff that you don’t need. I even bookmark items that I see online that I would like to purchase. I then purchase pieces based on my need for them vs. desire for them. It’s not completely foolproof. There are times that I stray from the list; but I know that without having a list, I would be lost.

1 Non-Essential Purchase– Limit yourself to one splurge or purchase of an item that is not a necessity. Often we buy things that we rarely wear or never end up wearing. After a while, your closet becomes this black hole where pieces you’ve never worn go to live. This also attributes to the problem why you think that “you never have anything to wear”. You don’t want this to become a habit; but you can occasionally indulge and purchase something a little more opulent than your usual taste but can wear it on a special occasion- Or buy that handbag you’ve been pining over.

Add it to the Cart and Walk Away– I usually do this every time I shop online. Sometimes I become enamored with all the clothing I see and I end up on this retail high. When that happens, it’s best to step away from your laptop and take a break from shopping. That break can provide clarity and really give you an opportunity to assess whether you need those items sitting in your shopping cart. When I do this, upon returning to my laptop, I am able to analyze the pieces in my cart and usually end up removing a couple of them; because they I don’t have a real need for them.

Snag something for your guy– If for o other reason, this makes me feel less guilty about shopping when I purchase something for my husband too. Just saying…

Later today, I will post some of my favorite items from the sale. Be sure to check them out on Instagram. My handle is chic_beat. You can also click below to check out my account. Byyeee for now!

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