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Grunge Chic


Decades have passed since the 90s; however styles always find a way of coming full circle. The grunge era has made its way back to fashion relevancy. In the 90s the aesthetic was comfortable, dirty, and unkept layers and loads of flannel. Gone are the days where baggy and goth-like attire represented the style. The current state of grunge is little glamorous, badass and a twist of the unexpected.

A modern spin on grunge is grunge chic. Details matter when it comes to the grunge chic style. Accessories adorn with spikes, studs and metallics are the finishing touches on this look. Grunge chic allows colors other than black,’such as gray and neutral tones. However; darker hues are essential when it comes to grunge. Additionally; flannel shirts are still a necessity when it comes to executing grunge chic.

What is your favorite part of the grunge trend? Flannel by far is my favorite element. I’ve never met a flannel shirt I didn’t like.

IMG_2589 IMG_2598IMG_2612 IMG_2608 IMG_2615

What I Wore

Coat: Loft

Sweater: F21

Jeams: Celebrity Pink

Flannel: J.Crew

Boots: Report

Hat: Primark

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