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The Braless Frontier


Leaving my apartment sans bra is not something I would normally do. Not to toot my own horn; but I am blessed (and at times cursed) with an ample bosom. I’ve been wearing bras for what seems like forever. However; I have been intrigued by the growing  popularity of this movement after seeing so many female celebrities ditching their bras lately. There’s something kind of bad ass and liberating (and a little naughty) about forgoing wearing a bra.

I initially thought going braless would be as simple as just not wearing a bra. Kim K and other celebs make it look so easy, but there is some preparation that goes into this – even for celebrities! They aren’t these perfect beings. They need a little help too. After doing some research and with the help of some essential tools – I realized going braless was a possibility. You can too!

I tested this and went braless for an afternoon. I simply didn’t wear a bra to run some errands. I couldn’t wait to put my bra back on. I felt super self-conscious and would casually cover the area when I walked by people. It was almost as if I was a little embarrassed. Though no one gawked, I felt a naked.

I went back to the drawing board. I knew that if I had planned to go braless that it would take some effort.  I had to make strategic wardrobe choices in order to pull this look off. Here is what I found to work best for me.

How to go Braless

Bodysuits- A bodysuit can offer the support and lift you need to go braless with confidence. Typically, bodysuits have spandex which is a generous fabric. It offers stretch but also support. For a night out, I tried the style with a blazer for a little coverage in case of any slip ups. Surprisingly the bodysuit kept everything in place. I did need to readjust throughout the night, similarly to if I had worn a bra.

A deep plunging neckline- This is something I thought I could never wear, for fear of popping out. Double sided tape is one of the tools needed to achieve this look. A lot of double-sided tape…I probably went a little overboard with the tape but it was totally worth having the extra security. I also inserted and taped removable pads from another bra onto the inside of my sexy deep plunging dress for coverage.  With the tape you can also create cleavage. Trust me it works.

The final verdict- Yes, you can absolutely go fashionably braless. A word of caution; this look is not functional and any excessive or strenuous acts can totally compromise the security of your look. I figure you already know this, but I had to put it out there.

Additionally, it takes confidence to rock this look. There are social stigmas associated with going braless. It can be seen as a ploy for sexual attention or even a lack of self-care. Don’t let this deter you from ditching your bra. People are always going to have negative things to say about EVERYTHING. Embrace your femininity and be free should you choose to do so!

Get the look with these essentials

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