What I Wore

Denim Jumper


Denim is a cornerstone in American fashion. It is especially an integral part of fashion in the Fall. This season there are so many exciting revelations in denim. I’m swooning over patchwork, embroidered denim and wide leg styles. Dresses are a huge part of my style repertoire. It was only natural for me to find a style that is a true reflection of my personal style. I found this denim dress at Forever21. Yah, I know – I’m well over 21 but who’s counting??

A denim dress is approachable for all. Finding a pair of denim jeans for your body type is more personal than selecting the fabric in a dress style. A denim dress is a universal piece that doesn’t need to be tailored specifically to your body. This was an easy choice for romping around over the weekend to run errands and hanging out. All that is required to make this dress fashionable is a pair of ankle booties or white tennies. It’s an easy style that everyone can pull off.




What I Wore

Dress: Forever21

Vest: Marshalls

Booties: Marshalls (Dollhouse)

Handbag: Bloomingdale’s

These are other denim dresses that I’m crushing on right now.

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