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To Trend, or not to Trend


To follow fashion trends or not, that is the  question at hand. Every season we flip through our favorite fashion magazines and see what trends are all the buzz. There are scores of people who enjoy shopping and want to look stylish. I’m one of those people. Does this mean that we should shop blindly and buy items based on them being trendy for the moment?

What I love about fashion is that it is forever changing. Therefore; I don’t go overboard on trying to wear all of the latest trends, because the window by which they are fashionable can be meager. Additionally, I believe in wearing what makes you feel good. Clothing doesn’t look the same on every person.  Something that looks good on your girlfriend may not suit you. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to buy into a trend if it doesn’t look good or feel good on you.

I try to focus on investing in wardrobe basics. Those are constants in the formula of achieving a great wardrobe. Vintage clothing has a certain charm and appeal that I love. Typically, I like to choose vintage pieces that have a bit of pizzazz; such a an interesting pattern. I let that piece act as the focal point of my look. Then I add contemporary pieces that compliment the focal point.

Whether you’re wearing the latest trends or styling in vintage threads, make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel amazing. Your confidence will be undeniable and that trumps all trends.


img_9572 img_9573

What I Wore:

Top: Vintage

Skirt: ASOS

Shoes: ShoeDazzle


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