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Interview with Fashion Designer Angelica Timas


Angelica Timas | Fashion Designer, CEO


Boston-based fashion designer, Angelica Timas, CEO of Angelica Timas – a collection compromised of asymmetry, minimalism and color.  Her hand-crafted pieces are versatile and accessible, which makes it a brand you ought to know.

Chic Beat: What was the catalyst in you pursuing your aspirations of becoming a fashion designer?

AT: I’ve always had a passion for fashion, I initially started college majoring in Fashion Design but life circumstances offered me a detour to a major that I could obtain a job and a reasonable salary immediately after graduating. Fashion remained a passion of mine for years following, until I hit the ‘big 40’. I found myself rethinking my life and there was a void, an emptiness, instead of continuing my pursuit of a post-graduate degree I decided to follow my passion, Fashion!


Chic Beat: What is the inspiration behind your collections?

AT: My inspirations by are based on Chikke’s alter-ego. Chikke is derived from the word Chic and the alter-ego Sheik from the Princess Zelda cartoons. She is high-spirited, confident, strong and versatile. She is a fun, funky, a diamond in the rough with a style all her own. That is the brand’s motto. The aesthetic of each collection is very influenced by various passions: my culture, my history, architecture, nature and the simple things that life offers. Each collection is a fusion of asymmetry, minimalism and color.

Chic Beat: Words that come to my mind when I think of the brand Angelica Timas, are modern, bold, brave, spirited, opulent and unapologetic. How do you describe your brand?   

AT: Minimalist, versatile, simple, low maintenance with a twist of daring and a dash of bold.


Chic Beat: Are Angelica Timas’ clothing designed for a particular type of woman?

AT: I design primarily for the woman who shares the same traits as Chikke, the versatile woman who is also a trendsetter, who is bold, simple, but very elegant and chic. She is the everyday woman.

Chic Beat: Tell us more about who is Chikke. Do you think every woman possesses an inner Chikke?

AT: Instead of opting for a human muse who sometimes people either like or dislike.  I concocted an alter-ego, Chikke, she’s a persona who embodies what the brand is about, and she conveys our motto, which is: “She is a fun, funky, a diamond in the rough, with a style all her own!” Absolutely, every woman has an inner Chikke. The everyday woman who is on the go. She can dress up or dress down. She is a mother, sister, daughter and an aunt. She is a warrior and a fighter. She’s professional, fun and high-spirited, but she is also elegant and chic. Every woman possesses one of more of these traits, therefore she can relate to our brand.


Chic Beat: Boston Fashion Week is fast approaching. You have a runway show on Friday, 30 September 2016 at the Old South Church. The title of the show is Angelica Timas Presents | SS17 | Flamboyant vs. Bourgeoise. It sounds like a showdown of fashion fierceness. For those that are attending, what can they expect?

AT: It is definitely a showdown. Is a settlement of scores between two friends who happen to have a major rivalry when it comes to fashion. Expect to pick your style between either Flamboyant or Bourgeoise.

Chic Beat: How involved were you in developing this runway event, as far as coming up with the concept, selecting models and etc.?

AT: I am very involved in every step of the creative perspective, selecting fabrics, pattern making and production, selection of models that will convey the theme of the show, make-up and hair style creative ideas, and making sure my vision for the runway comes to fruition.


Chic Beat: What are your plans for the future of your brand?

AT: My short term goal is brand awareness, working on growing my client base and continuing to work towards brand loyalty. The long-term plan is to have my line in boutiques that have the same creative vision and clients that relate to my brand’s motto.

Chic Beat: Do you have any advice for budding fashion designers?

AT: You are your biggest obstacle! It took me more than 15 years to realize that the only thing standing between me and my dream was my fear of failing, fear that people would not like my clothing, fear that I would not succeed.  It’s okay to have those fears; we all do. What you needed is determination and the willingness to work hard to achieve your dream. Take each ‘no’ and each hindering obstacle and evolve from it, get better, stay positive, keep pushing and believe.




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