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This morning the air had a bit of crispness to it. As summer turns into fall, we’re left somewhere in between as far as clothing. You can see from yesterday’s post, I’m still sporting my summer threads and plan to do so well into the season. The reasons for this are: 1) I like to stray from the norm. 2) Summer gear can be transitioned into the fall with little effort.

Wearing this ‘fit had me in a Carrie Bradshaw state of mind. Suddenly, I had the urge to paint the town red, even though it was midday on a Sunday, conjure up a few gal pals to dish on topics that would be sure to make anyone blush while we sipped pretty cocktails.

Even though I’m on the fence as to whether or not I should remove the shoulder pads from this jacket, I ‘m pretty sure that Carrie would say “screw it” and just rock them. They are totally circa 1985 and lord knows that I do not need to accentuate my already broad shoulders, but they totally capture what fashion was all about during that decade. Without them, this jacket would look like any ordinary jacket.

And, I love the look of opaque tights paired with minis and shorts in the cooler months. There’s something so bada$$ about it. It’s like you’re flipping off Mother Nature and baring your legs for fashion’s sake.

Isn’t that what Carrie would do?

image image image

What I Wore:

Jacket: Vintage Tahari
Shirt: Gap
Shorts: American Eagle
Booties: ShoeDazzle

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