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Engagement Photoshoot Planning


Planning for an engagement
photoshoot entails picking a photographer whose creativity is in tune with your vision for the shoot. Picking the perfect location is important but for me, finding the right outfit was most important. Engagement photos are an investment and you will have these photos for a very long time.

Be Prepared.

Boston is a very walkable city. We took out engagement photos in the historic Beacon Hill area. Having frequented the area numerous times I knew that navigating the streets in 4 inch heels would prove challenging. I brought a pair of tennies for in between photo snaps. It always pays to be prepared.

Be You.

Being comfortable is important. You are likely to pose in positions that may not feel natural to you. While The poses may be contrived you don’t want your luck to appear fake or not reflect your style. In order to achieve this you need to feel comfortable in your clothing. The goal is to be dressed as the best version of yourself and not something you are not.

Showcase Your Best Assets.

Wear clothing that showcases your best assets. Engagement photos are supposed to be memorable. You want to remember these photos with great fondness and you want to look great. Make sure you highlight your best assets. You want to showcase the things that make you, you.

Be Complimentary.

I’m not a big fan of the matchy matchy thing; however I am a firm believer in coordinating to compliment each other. Instead of wearing the same colors you can wear complimentary colors. However, if you do choose to wear the same color. Pick one color that’s similar and use it for shoes or an accessory. It does not need to be the exact shade matches.

What I Wore:
Top: Macy’s
Skirt: Francesa’s
Shoes: Shoedazzle

imageimage image

Here are some photos from our engagement photoshoot 💕

image image image image  imageimage image

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