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This morning could’ve easily been confused for a crisp fall morning rather than one in June. That’s why it’s clutch to have transitional pieces. One can easily get caught up in summer vibes, causing people to dress for the weather they want and not the actual weather conditions. I’m guilty of this. This conundrum can be addressed with transitional pieces. These are the true superstars in any wardrobe. They easily get the most use. To help keep your transitional wear the all stars in your closet there are a few crucial things to consider.

  • Quality

I was able to score this comfy cashmere crop sweater at Nordstrom’s for 80% off. Not only was this a great deal but it is also a high quality garment. When I buy clothing, I purchase with the intent of having these pieces for years to come. This is something I had to learn over the years. For the longest time I valued quantity over quality. In the end this proved to not be the smartest shopping method.

  • Care

The way you care for these pieces also play a part in their longevity. Though it can get pricey, but whenever possible dry clean your essential pieces. Or hand wash and hang them to dry on non-slip hangers to prevent garments from loosing their shape. I’m trying to get better at caring for my clothing. I’m usually inclined to just dump everything in the washer but I have begun to see the difference in clothing when properly cared for.

image image image image

Dress: Guess | Sweater: Nordstrom | Shoes: ShoeDazzle | Necklace: Anthropologie

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