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Now you’re all dressed up and the thought of wearing heels for the next several hours has you less than enthused, what do you do? Give your feet a much-needed break. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Sneakers can be understated but they will not detract from your look. The girlie meets athletic look is the every girl’s essential look this summer. The unexpected pairing of sneakers with your summer dresses is a way to step up your summer style, by adding a youthful and fun feel to your overall look.

Low cut styles- Work best with this look and typically with flowy dresses. This will create an effortlessly laid back look.
Stick with classics- Like Converse and Keds.

Keep it light- Avoid bulky sneakers. Bulky sneakers seems transitional, as if you’re commuting to work or the gym and it’s not your complete look.
Stick with white (or light colors)- They go with just about everything.

I like to opt for tennies with a little pizzazz depending on the occasion. The pair I am wearing were actually purchased for my sister’s wedding. I knew that I would not be able to remain in heels the entire night. I wanted to have a backup plan that wasn’t über casual like flip-flops. I wasn’t sure how the complete look would be received but it they went over rather well 🙂


image image image

Dress: Charming Charlie | Sneakers: H&M

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