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Shoe Repair DIY (for shoe hoarders like me)



I hate parting with items from my wardrobe, especially if I’ve had them for a while. I grow this emotional attachment to them even though they are just things. This is especially true about my shoes. When a stain pops or a heel begins to break down I freak. After damaging my suede pointy kitten heels (that I’ve had since forever) I did not want to discard them. I was determined to figure out a way to make them wearable again.

I have to say that, Mod Podge is the stuff that your wildest arts and crafts dreams are made of. This stuff is magic!  I’ll admit that I was scared of what the outcome would be prior to starting this project. As I applied a coat of  to the shoe the initial opaque white color was frightening; but it dried clear. Please note, that you should use the Mod Podge that has a clear finish. There are different versions of the sealant that have different finishes.

This is definitely a messy project but  Mod Podge is easy to remove with soap and water. My favorite part was peeling off my fingers at the end. It reminded me of elementary school, when you would use Elmer’s glue, get it on your hands, wait for it dry and then peel it off. It used to remind me of a snake shedding its skin. What can I say, I was a weird kid.

You only need a few items to complete this DIY project. Additionally, you will need some patience as it takes some time to dry. So,you won’t be able to wear them right after you’re done.

Needed Materials: shoes, fabric, scissors and Mod Podge

1. You’ll need a pair of shoes that are a little beat up or that you don’t really wear. You’ll need fabric to complete the new design of the shoes. I used a vintage scarf I had at home. I made the mistake of using a fabric that was a little too light and sheet. You want to be sure that you use a heavier fabric that’s not sheer so that you don’t see the original fabric of the shoe peeking out. Again, be sure that you choose the clear Mod Podge. I bought my bottle from Target. You will also need scissors, a paint brush or foam brush.

(Before shot of shoes)



2. You can either measure or estimate how much fabric you’ll need to cover a shoe. Cut that portion of the fabric and cover the shoe with the fabric to ensure that it conceals the entire shoe. It can be a bit bigger than the shoe; which is what I prefer. You will go back   at the end to remove the excess fabric.

3. Cut an opening in the fabric, so that you have a place for your foot to go. Also, cut the fabric that will cover the back of the shoe down the middle, so that you can overlap the fabric to cover the shoe.

Tip: Make sure that the material is not too taut as this will cause the fabric to not lay flat and cause awkward bubbling.


4. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the shoe so that the fabric will stick to the shoe.


5. Place the fabric on the shoe beginning with the front part of shoe and work your way to the back of it. Smooth the fabric as you go.

6. Apply another layer of Mod Podge to the shoe as this will give the fabric extra staying power.


7. Let the shoes dry completely overnight. You will notice that the Mod Podge dried clear and that your new shoes are starting to look pretty cute. Now, you will take scissors or for a cleaner finish use an exact knife to remove the excessive fabric from around the shoe.

Thats it!! You now have a one of a kind pair of shoes that you made. Woot woot- that’s something to be proud of. I’m definitely going to try this again to get a cleaner finish. Next time I will use the home office as a craft station, instead of floor in the middle of my bedroom in front of the tv. Gotta stay focused!




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