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A Little Country and a Little Rock & Roll


I like to playfully refer to this look as, City Girl Gone a Little Country. I know you were thinking it too 🙂 While I know nothing about country music, living or anything else, it seems like it is definitely the motif for this look. Sometimes there are things synonymously associated with other things; whether that’s the intention or not. What I like about fashion is that you don’t need to be pigeonholed to a particular style. I like to think that I have a way of dressing that is unique and ever-changing. To put it simply, I wear what I like.

When shopping I can instantly determine if an article of clothing is something I can integrate into my wardrobe and put my spin on it. When mixing styles, there are two elements every look must include. You need a base and FLAIR!

A base consists of pieces that are not novel. They are classic and can be worn with anything. These pieces can be jeans, a blazer or black skirt. These pieces can seem like a snooze on their own; but that’s why you add some flair.

The word flair can be jarring for some people; however adding flair to your look is essential to creating a look that is unique to you. Flair comes in the form of a scarf, a statement necklace or a stylish jacket. I usually wear at least a couple pieces of flair in my outfit. That’s how I was able to get this look.

A few takeaways today: 1) dare to venture out of your style comfort zone; 2) a good base goes a long way and 3) don’t be scared of a little flair.



Denim Jacket and Skirt: Target | Cropped Sweater: TopShop | Boots: Franco Sarto

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