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Army Girl


If you are looking to add a little edge to your look try adding military inspired elements to your repertoire. Shades of olive-green and utilitarian styles are a great way to incorporate the style into your look. The key is to pair them with feminine silhouettes. Military inspired attire can be paired with simple pieces and still make an impact. However, I don’t consider this a trend. Trends are styles that are hot for the moment and eventually wane in popularity and ultimately become a part of fashion’s past. military garb is here to stay. It’s always been relevant and frankly cool to wear. Beware of overindulging in too much military style in one look. You can run the risk of appearing to look like you’re wearing a costume; which defeats the purpose If you’re trying to achieve an effortless look.

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Top and Pants: Macy’s | Shoes: ShoeDazzle | Handbag: Coach

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