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imageLucky Brand Dress + LOFT cardigan

Stephanie, a self-professed tomboy, shares her transition from tomboy to girly girl.

” While I love my sweats and sneakers, I started to notice that there were a lot of girly clothes that I really liked. I would wonder, would I look good in that? I was a little nervous about switching up my style but I decided to give more feminine styles a go, and to my surprise I looked good wearing them. More importantly, I felt good wearing the clothing. That’s when I realized that I could wear feminine clothing and still feel like myself. It did not feel like I was pretending to be something that I wasn’t. My favorite place to shop is Express; however Lucky Brand is my thing right now. I couldn’t live without my print blouses but you can still catch me wearing TOMS and Vans.”

Do you have a cool sense of style or are you a fashion fanatic? I want to hear from you. You could be featured here on Chic Beat.

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