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Mixing Patterns


Mixing patterns can be off-putting for some people. Perhaps it’s because of the fear of looking too busy or maybe they aren’t quite sure of how to execute the style. When I mix patterns here are some things that I keep in mind.

1) Stay in the same color family – For example, my look incorporates 4 colors: navy blue, royal blue, black and white. Make sure you are matching the colors and not the patterns.

2) Don’t use competing patterns – Let one pattern be dominant while the other acts as an accent.

3) Mix small prints with large prints- The contrast can be very complimentary.

4) Wear minimal accessories – I think that says it all.

5) Be confident – When you look good, you feel confident and others pick up on the good energy you’re exuding.  Now project that confidence to the world.

imageimageimageTop: Macy’s

Pants: Marshalls

Shoes: DSW


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