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Chic Beat’s Reader Spotlight

Often I am influenced by photos in magazines, celebrities on TV, passersby on the street and even the people in my life, when it comes to my style. That being said, I want to present to you Chic Beat’s Reader Spotlight. Every Thursday, I will feature a stylish reader.

This week I am featuring my sister, Darcel. Read below to learn about her style evolution.

Darcel Spotlight

“My style is based on comfort and fun. When I buy clothes I always try to buy clothing that I can feel relaxed wearing. I hate having to tug on my clothes or readjust. I like neutral colors or black like this jumper and bright colors. I’m all about playing with these two extremes in my wardrobe. My style has changed a lot over time. I grew up as a tomboy but I’m still one at heart. I like simple styles that are not too “girly” but still express femininity and maturity.”

If you would like to be featured on Chic Beat, please email me at You could be featured next week!

P.S- As you can see Darcel is in amazing shape, so if you need help achieving your fitness goals and becoming a better version of yourself, please visit her blog here.

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